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Nuffield Health partners with Access Sport to tackle health inequalities

Nuffield Health will use the power of sport to tackle the stark health inequalities across Greater Manchester.

The healthcare charity has partnered with Access Sport for a ground-breaking project, which will combine resources and expertise to improve the lives of 15,000 disadvantaged local young people and their families over the next two years.

The partnership aims to bring young people into community sport, provide access to Nuffield Health’s Manchester Institute of Health & Performance to experience sporting opportunities, teach children to cycle and inspire the next generation of community leaders.

Manchester has almost double the number of children under 16 living in poverty – when compared with the rest of England – and a significantly higher percentage of children aged 10 to 11 who have excess weight.

The partnership will build upon Access Sport’s community sport development model while utilising Nuffield Health’s facilities, health and fitness experts and educational resources to give more local people, and neighbourhoods, the tools to live a healthier life.

Brendan Street, Head of Charity, from Nuffield Health added: “We're partnering with Access Sport to improve health inequalities, sporting provision, employability skills, and social mobility in Greater Manchester."

Helen Rowbotham, the CEO of Access Sport said: “Nuffield Health is a natural partner for Access Sport; at our core, we share the same purpose, to create fitter, healthier and stronger communities and by combining our strengths, we will reach many more young people who are currently excluded from community sport. We can’t wait to get started“.


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