Health and Inactivity Webinar Series 

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11:00 AM

Welcome to the Why Sports Health and Inactivity series of webinars

Exchange the latest agendas and develop business relationships.

As part of our brand new webinar series Why Sports are proud to bring you the Health and Inactivity webinars! An opportunity to listen to the leaders from across the sector discuss the latest progress, innovation and ideas to keep the nation active. 

Throughout the Health and Inactivity webinar series, you will hear sector professionals and industry leaders, on hand to share ideas and keep you informed via our conference webinar, case studies and master class presentations. 

We kick off the series with the Health and Inactivity webinar, we sincerely hope that you find the information useful at this time. Please join us on the 30th of April 2020 at 11:00 am. 

APR 30 2020 
SEPT 15 2020 
SEPT 2020
Why Sports Health and Inactivity
Prevention is better than cure​
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Safeguarding in Our Communities 
Case Study presentation by Phasic Limited
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Fitness Goes Digital During COVID-19
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Active Ageing 
​Case Study presentation by Motitech UK 
Masterclass Presentation
​Learn from the experts