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Youth Sport Trust joins forces with The Lego Group to tackle barriers to play

The partnership aims to tackle barriers girls experience and empower them to make positive changes through participation in sports and play.

The Youth Sport Trust has announced it has teamed up with the LEGO Group, to power its Girls Active programme in primary schools. The programme aims to tackle barriers girls experience and empower them to make positive change through participation in sports and play opportunities across the country.

The partnership is part of the LEGO Group’s commitment to inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow through play and breaking down limiting societal stereotypes and biases that hold back creative potential.

Earlier this month the LEGO Group unveiled results from a global study looking into barriers girls face, which showed that the pressure of perfection risks holding them back from reaching their full creative potential. Among UK girls, 89% feel pressure to be perfect, 79% say the grown-up use of the word ‘perfect’ invokes negative emotions, while a further 77% of girls say certain words and language make them feel like they need to be perfect. This in turn is detrimental to girls' outcomes, with 74% admitting to avoiding tasks when they are afraid of not doing them perfectly.

Overall, 78% of UK children say they would be less afraid to try new things if mistakes were praised more as learning opportunities. 


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