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Sport England ramps up implementation of new strategy.

Sport England says it's introducing "new and innovative" ways to increase participation – by doing a better job of listening to local communities and networks to understand their needs.

The grassroots body says it will disproportionately target its efforts and investment to level-up places and improve accessibility and opportunities for the communities and people that most need to be active.

The pledges have been made in Sport England's new implementation plan, which covers the first three years of its 10-year strategy, Uniting the Movement.

Sport England said the publication of the plan follows consultation with thousands of partners, adding that it must understand local and community priorities, as well as what works best and where investment is most needed.

Uniting the Movement identifies five major areas where Sport England sees the greatest potential for preventing and tackling inequalities in sport and physical activity.

These are: recovering and reinventing following the pandemic; connecting communities; providing positive experiences for children; connecting health and wellbeing, and the creation of active environments.

Sport England said the three-year plan outlines the collective action and outcomes needed by 2025 to make progress with the big issues and so it acts as a catalyst for change.

Tim Hollingsworth, CEO, Sport England, said: "The publication of this implementation plan is an important moment in our Uniting the Movement strategy and an exciting step for the sport and physical activity sector.

"It sets out where we want to collectively be in three years and is the product of extensive consultation with our partners who share our ambition to transform lives and communities through sport and activity.

"The plan also sets out what Sport England’s role in this process will be and offers a roadmap to tackling inequalities and ensuring everyone – regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or background – can enjoy the benefits of playing sport and living an active life.

"Over the three years, we'll introduce new and innovative ways to increase participation by listening to local communities, grassroots networks, sports clubs, their volunteers, and our expert partners.

"I look forward to continuing to work with everyone on the journey to build a sport and physical activity sector that everyone in our society can benefit from."

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