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Sport England Announces Five New Long-Term Partnerships to Level Up Sports and Physical Activity.

Sport England today announced five new long-term partnerships as a part of the organisation’s ambition to level up access to sport and physical activity in England.

British Rowing, Swim England, British Taekwondo, British Taekwondo Council and Pentathlon GB join more than 120 organisations that Sport England has partnered with over the past 14 months.

They have been chosen for their influence, ability to improve access to sports and physical activities and to tackle inequalities.

Swim England’s partnership award is confirmed for year one. The subsequent years are provisional and subject to many significant conditions, due to recent concerns expressed around the sport, including those covered by the Sport Resolutions UK Report published in March this year. Swim England’s performance in responding to and implementing the findings of this report and other conditions will be carefully monitored and be contingent on future year funding being awarded. You can find more details in the Notes to Editors section.

Sport England’s latest Active Lives Adults found that 63% of adults in England are currently active, averaging 150 minutes of exercise or more per week, with 1.5 million more active adults when compared to six years ago.

However, the research continues to show some groups are less active than others, including people with long-term health conditions, disabled people, people from ethnically diverse communities and lower socio-economic groups.

Combined, over £21 million of National Lottery and government funding will be distributed to the five organisations to help tackle these inequalities, by creating opportunities for people across England to take part in sports and physical activity and use their influence in the sector to create positive change.

These partners are part of the next stage of Sport England’s approach to long-term term partnerships. The model provides funding for up to 5 years, supplying the financial security needed for partners to deliver Uniting the Movement and helping to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity.

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of Sport England, said:

“Sport England’s aim is for everyone, regardless of who they are, where they live or what their background is to have the ability and opportunity to be active.

“We know we can’t achieve this alone, and it is only by working together with organisations from across the sport and physical activity sector that we will be able to bring about the positive change we need. We are also committed with them to ensuring that anyone who wants to play sport or be active can do so in a safe, welcoming and accessible environment.

“The partners we’ve announced today have been carefully chosen to support these agendas given their governance or systemic role in sport and will help us build on the recovery we’ve seen in activity levels since the pandemic.

Over the next five years, British Rowing will receive over £9 million. British Rowing initially received over £1.4 million of long-term funding, with this now rising by over £7.5 million.

Alastair Marks, Chief Executive of British Rowing, said:

“Having worked closely with Sport England to develop our plans to increase the diversity in our sport from the very grassroots to the talent potential pathway, we are delighted with this increased award. Focused on bringing in more rowers from all communities, we aim to create a real step change in not only who takes part in our sport but also who volunteers and coaches in it too. The funding will help us realise our ambition to create truly joined-up communities delivering great rowing experiences from those who traditionally wouldn't take part in rowing and we look forward to seeing the change we hope to create in the months ahead.”

Over the next five years, Swim England will receive over £10.5 million, with the first year of funding confirmed.

Jane Nickerson, Chief Executive of Swim England, said:

“We are delighted at the prospect of working closely with Sport England to ensure swimming and aquatic activity is an accessible, safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

“We are committed to creating a positive culture where the highest safeguarding standards and welfare support are available to every single community across the length and breadth of the country.

“The ability to swim is a life skill no one should be without and everyone at Swim England is passionate about championing a healthy and successful nation through aquatic activity.

“This latest investment from Sport England is extremely important as it will help us realise this vision.

“It will also enable us to support our clubs, athletes and volunteers across all of our amazing sports as well as develop new opportunities to increase participation and get even more people enjoying the many mental and physical health benefits being active in the water can bring

“Partnership working is a key part of our new 10-year strategy, Access Aquatics, and our continued collaboration with Sport England will be a major factor in ensuring its long-term success.”

Over the next five years, British Taekwondo will receive £935,945.

Ian Leafe, Chief Executive Officer of British Taekwondo sai“We are delighted to be now working directly with Sport England and other system partners, to make a difference in the lives of our participants and the wider community, through sport and physical activity, and chip away at inequalities wherever we find them. A huge thanks to the Sport England Team for the support in this cycle.”

Over the next five years, British Taekwondo Council will receive £405,500.

Trevor Nicholls, Chief Executive of British Taekwondo Council, said:

“BTC are proud to be included in the esteemed list of Sport England Funding System Partners. The award will support BTC in our commitment to growing grassroots Taekwondo and thereby support Sport England’s ambitions detailed in ‘Uniting The Movement’. BTC recognise the value and reassurance provided to all stakeholders by our ongoing work towards full compliance with the Tier 3 standards and accountability required by the National Code of Sports Governance.”

Over the next five years, Pentathlon GB will receive £357,400.

Trafford Wilson, Chief Executive of Pentathlon GB, said:

“Pentathlon GB is extremely excited to receive system build funding to support the organisation to create new participation opportunities that enable more people across the UK to be involved in our family of sports. Aligned to the 2022-25 Pentathlon GB strategy, we are committed to making our sport more accessible and inclusive. We look forward to working with Sport England and other partners to reach new audiences and engage more participants in our sport”.


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