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Should Paintball be an Olympic sport?

For most Paintball is a fun pastime that you might play for a birthday party, works teams building session or Hen/Stag do but for some Paintball is so much more. Millions of people around the World get the Paintball bug and that bug can take you along many different paths.

Some enjoy big games with thousands of players. Some prefer scenario games that are mission-based / story-driven. Some play Magfed games which are tactical and far less paint is shot, but some opt for the competitive side and enter the world of tournament Paintball which can be played in the woods or on concept arenas with players wearing bright clothing and equipment.

Tournament Paintball has many different formats and skill levels with some of the very elite players in the world earning 6 figure sums to play Paintball full time.

You can also earn the honour of representing your country at the UPBF Nations Championships. Team GB enters teams in the Under 19s, Vets (40+), Woman's and Men's categories.

While the UKPSF is already accepted by the government as the governing body of the sport of paintball in the UK, the next step is to secure Formal Sports Recognition for paintball which has to be done through The Sports Council.

Once achieved this will provide a host of opportunity's and will give paintball increased public awareness and understanding, this, in turn, has the potential to lead to greater participation, mainstream media coverage, access to development funding and, in the long-term, even inclusion in multi-sport events (such as the Olympics).

To find out more about Paintball in the UK visit:


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