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Circadian Trust invests in wellness to support its NHS partnerships

Operator Circadian Trust has launched a five-year growth drive designed to support health and wellbeing across South Gloucestershire, UK. The initiative will see a £2.4m investment in its five Active Lifestyle Centres.

CEO, Mark Crutchley, says the organisation is committed to ensuring South Gloucestershire residents can access the best health and wellbeing services at the most affordable rates. 

“As a charity and social enterprise that wants to inspire active lifestyles for all our residents, this is the first phase of a longer-term programme to expand and enhance access to fitness, rehabilitation, fun, and social connection,” he says. “We do this through working in partnership with a range of local health organisations, including GP surgeries, the wider NHS and Sirona Health.”

Circadian Trust has a track record of collaborating with GP surgeries to support people with medical or long-term conditions to be physically active with The Healthy Lifestyle Referral Scheme launched in 2020.

A refurbishment has already been completed at Yate Active Lifestyle Centre, representing a £500k investment. Longwell Green has benefitted from a £750k gym upgrade, refreshing the most popular equipment and Bradley Stoke will receive an investment of £1m next month. 

A Wellbeing Studio is being installed at Thornbury, complete with innovative power-assisted equipment, which is designed for people who are starting regular exercise for the first time, have health problems or are recovering from injury.

Further investments are being considered at the Kingswood Centre for 2025, following major behind-the-scenes infrastructure improvements last year.


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