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Enabling Change through Health and Well-being Facilities.

A discussion exploring public leisure provision and what a modern, fit-for-purpose leisure facility looks like in 2024. Lessons learned from operators and development partners.

13th March 2024 - 14:00 - 1600 hrs


The Enabling Change through Health and Well-being webinar provides a chance to connect virtually with a shared vision - the belief in the transformative power of investing in leisure infrastructure within our communities. We wish to speak to an audience comprising of esteemed individuals, including local authority officers, council leaders, architects, planners, consultants and leisure managers, all of whom play pivotal roles in shaping the public spaces we cherish.

An opportunity to present a positive message about the benefits of investing in leisure and to immerse ourselves in a constructive dialogue that challenges the very essence of local authority leisure provision. As we explore this theme, we'll draw upon real-world examples, from North Yorkshire, Durham, Greater Manchester and others. This conversation will challenge why local authority leisure exists and what it would look like if leisure wasn’t provided by the public sector.


Our conversation extends beyond the mere provision of leisure facilities; it delves into the core question of why local authority leisure exists and contemplates what our communities would look like without this vital contribution from the public sector.


We aspire to share valuable lessons gleaned from our extensive experience in delivering leisure infrastructure projects. From the initial scoping phase, navigating the intricacies of construction, to the triumphant opening of these spaces, our journey encompasses the highs and lows, the challenges and the victories.


Join us in this enriching discussion, where together, we can explore the profound impact of leisure infrastructure investment and uncover the lessons that will shape the future of our shared public spaces. 

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Speakers include:

(CHAIR) James Foley, Commercial Director, Alliance Leisure

Andy King, CEO, MCR Active

Director, Miova 

Mark Tweedie, MD, Brimhams Active

Kenny Butler, Strategic Lead - Health & Wellbeing, ukactive

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