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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

DEM Sports announces financial support for youth-focussed charities

At a recent ‘Up Close and Personal’ event organised by the Dream Factory (a charity that helps fulfil the dreams of children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses) and with special guest Harry Redknapp, DEM Sports Ltd, manufacturers of innovative, high quality equipment for cricket and other sports, announced that they will be donating £25 from every sports net solution they sell into schools or other organisations, to youth-focussed charities. 

DEM Sports is based in Welney, Norfolk, and is a manufacturer of high quality and often innovative ground equipment for use in cricket and other sports. The company trades within the UK and internationally and is looking to broaden its customer base in the home and export markets. We have developed an excellent working relationship with Gratnells Engineering, based in Harlow, Essex, who manufacture many of the component parts of our net systems on our behalf. Gratnells’ modular tray system is already in use in more than 69 schools worldwide.

Our newest product is a Multi sport Foldaway Net System. It is fixed in place, measures 10 m x 6 m when open, and folds back to around 82 cm for storage. It is designed to provide a safe practice and playing area for a range of sports, including cricket, football, tennis and other ball games. Our other innovation is a unique Concertina Net System, designed specifically for use in places where space is restricted. It is gaining popularity in inner city schools, where playground space may be limited. It folds down from its open size of 8m, 10m or 12 m to just 50cm in depth, and can be fixed to a wall, posts or a fence. Both these products will appeal particularly to schools; and both are available to either purchase or lease. The lease option is attractive as it means schools do not have to tie up their limited PE budgets, but can lease for a minimum of around £20 a week.

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DEM Sports has been working in partnership with the London-based charity, Capital Kids Cricket, to install the concertina nets in schools in London Boroughs.   Many children in inner cities do not have access to outdoor space for play and the installation of a net into a school playground offers that space, and the opportunity for children to develop a range of skills, from the purely physical skills of ball catching and throwing, to improved co-ordination , teamwork, and leadership. Additionally, and with support from Canary Wharf PLC, 20 cages have been installed in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, with universally positive feedback from the users about ease of use and added enjoyment for the children. Headteachers are positive about the opportunities for enhanced PE provision, which in turn helps to achieve increased levels of physical activity in the playground. Children are learning a new sport, which they may not have had access to previously, and are showing greater enthusiasm and more inclination to practise.

DEMSports is committed to working with charities and youth-focussed organisations to help achieve the Government’s physical activity targets for school children. Managing Director John Loveday said “It's rewarding supporting school and youth sport, whether by providing gifts to charities such as the Dream Factory, making regular donations through sales of our products or developing sport in schools with the use of our net systems. This is a key motivator for Dem Sports.”

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