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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We are on day 8 of the Daily One Minute Challenge! #daily1minute which I have created during the lockdown and immediately after listening to the Why Sports Health and Inactivity Webinar. The webinar impressed me because I care so deeply about the situation that affects the nation. I love my sports and want to help our nation get active and healthy again.

I am alive today because of our wonderful NHS staff and a gentleman called Anthony Nolan, a very kind donor. I am so grateful and feel fantastic, full of energy every single day!

Only seven years ago, I was staring down death's door, frightened for life, requiring countless blood transfusions and desperately needing a bone marrow transplant.

On Tuesday, 31st July 2102, whilst enjoying the London Olympic Games, I left King's College Hospital, London a complete wreck. With barely enough strength to open a packet of crisps and unable to walk, I had no idea what a lunge was and no intention to take part in regular exercise. I had just spent 120 days on an isolation ward, receiving intensive chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants, the sheer volume of drug intake had left me feeling extremely weak.

Uknown to me, before I went into the hospital, my lovely wife Jane, had managed to get us tickets for Sunday 5th August at the Olympic Games. Super Saturday saw Team GB win six gold medals, the nation was buzzing with excitement but the Sunday would see the show stopper, Usain Bolt compete to be the fastest man in the world by running in the final of the 100m sprint! Could I make it to the games? My immune system so low, would I be safe from infection? Sunday 5th August 2012 would be a defining moment in my life. I proudly sang the national anthem, tears of joy in my eyes and I managed to see my hero win 100m Olympic Gold and strike the infamous lightning bolt pose. And so began my long recovery journey to good health. I started with walking. I could just about manage five minutes but had major complications. Extreme fatigue set in every time I moved but I was determined and remained persistent. Nothing was going to stop me. I discovered what a lunge was, increased my walking and started light jogging! Jogging opened my eyes to Parkrun. Although I had started jogging I was not yet physically able or mentally ready for a distance run so became a volunteer at my local Parkrun in Leamington Spa.

Within six months I was running, within twelve months I had completed a half marathon and within eighteen months of my treatment, I ran the 2014 London Marathon in three hours, thirty one minutes raising vital funds for the Anthony Nolan Charity. (the donor that saved my life)

A year later I won Gold Medals at the British Transplant Games (2015) in Gateshead, Newcastle and competed for Team GB & NI in both the World and European Transplant Games, winning six medals, including four Gold Medals. Ever since and perhaps because of the sheer impact of being isolated for so long, living with my condition and generally feeling unwell, I have participated in and loved so many new sports and activities. Combining my experience in both business and wellbeing I have been able to support people to feel good and encourage them to find their love for new and old sports and activities. With lockdown affecting us in many different ways, I again wanted to use my own experience to help others. I created the Daily One Minute Challenge! #daily1minute which is completely FREE and guaranteed to make you feel amazing! We started on Friday 1st May 2020. Promoting a different sport each day (tennis today) we do three exercises for twenty seconds #daily1minute

On Sunday 10th May 2020, day 10 it was my son's birthday. Seeing him grow up to become a fine young man and a successful entrepreneur is something that I never thought possible when my life was on a knife-edge back in 2011/2012. On this special day we promoted jogging and running, and proudly wore our Anthony Nolan vests! We will continue the #daily1minute because it works, and I believe it will make a significant impact to get our nation back moving, improving our mental and physical health continuing to reduce the burden on the NHS. The #daily1minute has beginner, intermediate and advanced level exercises all designed to raise your heart rate for one minute. For example, this can include fast walking or on the spot with high knees.

The sessions are designed to be tough, based on my personal experiences and circumstances, learning from experts including Dr Michael Mosley of the 5/2 and fast exercise and aim to improve health and wellbeing. Please note that no-one should start any fitness programme without seeking the opinion of their consultant or GP. Do not attempt to complete the advanced sessions if suffering from the slightest niggle, injury or if living with a long term health condition. As we ease lockdown, sport and exercise as we once knew it, will undoubtedly change with many established clubs and organisations struggling to keep their doors open. I want to help them and encourage people to support their local clubs and continue their love for their sports and leisure activities. This is one of the reasons you will see me wearing different sports kit each day! I feel this is all about good daily habits, combined with being at an optimum weight, eating a good balanced wholefoods diet, rest, sleep and reduced stress can all make a huge difference as we come out from lockdown. If you wish to check out my work visit www.simonperkin.com where you will find my contact details, social media and all the information you need. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas. You can also find me on Linkedin and Facebook.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/simon-perkin-fcipd-16696825/ Simon Perkin Creator of #daily1minute, Business and Wellbeing Consultant


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