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The Physical Activity of Women and Girls

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1st September 2021

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Nearly 10 years have passed since London hosted the Olympic Games. Throughout this time, departments and senior leaders have pledged to transform activity levels for all in the UK regardless of age, background, gender, or social status. 

The high levels of investment have positively impacted participation levels across the country with more people than ever taking part in some form of physical activity each week. However, research reveals that even though a spike, women remain less active than men. 

The gender gap needs to be addressed. We must share an ambition to raise the visibility of women and girls' exercise patterns, to promote greater investment, engagement to further understand the impact of women's health and to maintain and challenge the thinking, obstacles, and acceptance of women in senior leadership positions. 

This webinar will help you further understand; 

  • Post the pandemic current activity levels and trends of women and girls activity levels 

  • This Girl Can campaign, how new partners can help to evolve the programme.

  • Women's health, menopause and how it affects exercise patterns

  • Business, the boardroom, media, and commercial opportunities 

Webinar Start
Opening Address - Welcome to the Webinar
Yvonne Harrison, Managing Director, Stryve
The Effects of the Pandemic on Women and Girls Activity Levels
Lisa O'Keefe, Executive Director of Insight, Sport England 
As This Girl Can evolves from an ad-led campaign into a partnership-led movement. 
Kate Dale, Strategic Lead for Campaigns​, Sport England
  • The latest iteration of TGC.

  • What we have done to keep it relevant and impactful.

  • Our new approach to partnerships.

  • Opportunity for those listening to access TGC and work with us and TGC to address what we are seeing in the research.

Triggering Healthy Habits and Rewards of the Tribe.
Holly Woodford, Co-Founder, Mel Berry, Co-Founder, Her Spirit
  • Different ways of movement. More modern, more inclusive, more flexible.
  • Blending digital platforms with in-person coaching - fitter, stronger, healthier.
  • Long-term behaviour change models.
  • Her Spirit funding model of public, private, and individual funding is designed for sustainable impact. 
The Science, the Symptoms, and How to Take Control 
Dr Ferhat Uddin, (MRCGP, DFRSH) Liberty Health Clinic
  • Menopause: The end of the road or new beginnings? 
  • The symptoms.
  • What is happening? - How hormones change. 
  • How to take control, diet, lifestyle, HRT, exercise.
  • How does a fall in oestrogen affect exercise patterns?
Inspiring Women to be Active During Midlife and Menopause
Kate Nicholson, Head of Insight and Innovation, Women In Sport
  •  The social, psychological, and physical health benefits of being active.
  • Research into the why.
  • Capability, motivation, and opportunities to be active and to re-engage.
  • Five key principles designed to help deliver programmes.
Making Women's Sport Visible, Viable, and Unstoppable: a year of learnings.
Laura Weston, Trustee, Women's Sports Trust
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