The Physical Activity of Women and Girls

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1st September 2021

The role of sport and physical activity in the future of an integrated health system. 


If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it's been the value of a truly integrated approach to public health. 

While our amazing NHS has led the way in dealing with the effects of the virus and rolling out the vaccine programme, we've also seen the Government proactively emphasising the importance of physical activity and health as a preventative measure, along with its benefits for mental health. Even in the darkest days of lockdown, exercise was not only allowed, but actively encouraged, and sport has recently been one of the first activities allowed to resume. 


With the new Office for Health Promotion enabling a more joined-up approach, join our digital seminars to discover the role sport and physical activity can play in this new landscape and how we - as a sector and a workforce - can take action to put ourselves right at the heart of the nation's future health.


This webinar will provide information on:

  •  The role and objectives of the Office for Health Promotion and the new Integrated Care Systems

  •  Some major new initiatives from CIMSPA and Sport England

  •  The importance of continuing to professionalise the sport and physical activity workforce

  • Actions you can take now to embrace this new landscape for sport, physical activity and health in the UK

How Menopause can affect Physical Activity 
Dr Ferhat Uddin, (MRCGP, DFRSH) Liberty Health Clinic
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Opening Address - Welcome to the Webinar
Yvonne Harrison, Managing Director, Stryve
Women and Girls During the Pandemic
Lisa O'Keefe, Sport England 
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