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May 2022

Webinar Partner

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It seems we are reminded daily of the importance and the damaging effects of climate change on our planet. 


Melting glaciers are contributing to rising sea levels across the globe. 10 of the warmest years in the UK's temperature record have taken place since 2002. Rainfall over Scotland is up 10% from the start of the 20th Century. The record-breaking European super heatwave of 2003 resulted in at least 70,000 deaths across the continent and similar heatwaves are now predicted to be the norm in the UK by 2040. 


The future impacts of climate change depend on how much we can flatten the global temperatures whilst acknowledging the magnitude of the challenge and working collaboratively to find the solutions. 

This webinar will explore the carbon neutrality ambitions of the Commonwealth Games, from a transport, stadia, and local government perspective. Exploring the opportunities Birmingham 2022 and other major sporting events provide to local economies as a platform to encourage increased sustainable behaviours, through the development of green infrastructure, the built environment, travel and transport.


Webinar Start 
Chairs opening address -
Presentation title to be confirmed
Craig Cooper, Programme Director, Commonwealth Games 2020
Presentation title to be confirmed 
Anne Shaw, Interim CEO, Transport for West Midlands (invited)
Presentation title to be confirmed 

Cllr Ian Ward, Leader, Birmingham City Council (Invited)

Partner Case Study Presentation
Steve Malkin, CEO, Planet Mark 
Questions and Answers
A chance to have your questions answered by the panel
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