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February 2022

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There are now approximately 1 billion people above the age of 65 in the world, and it’s expected to double by 2050. Many of these people will have health challenges. 


Physical inactivity is often the cause of many age-related disorders, more than age itself. This is especially challenging with regards to the 50 million people diagnosed with dementia, and the 10 million who get diagnosed with this disorder every year. 


How do we battle inactivity among seniors in our current environment? What are the keys to gain ground, even in the wake of COVID-19? 


Thousands of seniors in care facilities around the world are improving their health through physical activity, reminiscence, and social connectedness. 


Join this webinar to explore how collaboration across sectors and organisations is crucial to successfully turn the vision of healthy ageing into reality. 

  • Learn from key stakeholders how national strategies aim to set directions for physical activity and ageing well into the future.

  • Learn how a leading public health specialist sees self-care as the most important form of care and aims to get physical activity on prescription across England.

  • Learn how organisations, such as the NCF and NAPA work together with the care space to foster physical activity.

  • Learn the importance of physical activity, reminiscence, and social connectedness for people living with dementia. 

  • Learn how a collaborative approach has transformed the lives of seniors across London residing in aged care. 

Webinar Start
Opening Address - Welcome to the Webinar
Yvonne Harrison, Managing Director, Stryve
Prescribing Physical Activity
Sir Muir Gray, Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare, and a Director of the Optimal Ageing Programme.
Moving and Grooving: Prioritising physical activity
Hilary Woodhead, Executive Director, National Activity Providers Association 
  • The role of the activity provider.
  • Planning meaningful connections.
  • Creative approaches to physical activity.
Supporting People to Live Well with Dementia
Jenna Peel, Policy Manager -Physical Activity, Alzheimer's Society
  • What is dementia?

  • Who are Alzheimer’s Society and what do we do?

  • A case study of our work on how physical activity can support people to live well with dementia

What Does It Take? 
Vic Rayner OBE, Chief Executive Officer, National Care Forum
  • What's needed for seniors to age well in a challenging care environment, and how collaboration is crucial for change.
Then and Now
Lindy Renaud, Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Mornington Hall Care Home - Motitech Partner
  • LondonADASS' approach to ageing and dementia, and why we cooperate with private companies like Motitech
Turning the Vision into Action: Abilities instead of disabilities 
Stian Lavik, Chief Business Officer, Motitech
Solfrid Sagstad, Executive Market Manager
  • The story, launching the partnership, presenting MECTOD results
  • How motivation is crucial to conquer inactivity

  • Evidence on the benefits of Motiview from our Sport England-funded project in the UK

  • Why the Road Worlds for Seniors is an important step in building a global community

  • Focusing on abilities instead of disabilities

Questions and Answers with the panel
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