JUN 11

11:00 AM

Welcome to the Why Sports Investing In Major Sporting Events webinar.

Local Authorities are critical partners in funding and delivering a portfolio of world-class sporting events across the UK. The UK has a diverse geographical spread of world-class facilities for hosting top-level sports, and the nation has seen much-increased enthusiasm for hosting events in every region. Birmingham's 2022 Commonwealth Games, Netball World Cup, Road World Championships are just some of the amazing events taking place across the regions, each of which aims to provide inspiration and legacy opportunities for all.


In light of the recent global pandemic, many questions are being asked as to how we can feasibly deliver sporting events with mass participation. Changes to stadiums, transport links, volunteering, safety, insurance and business contracts are upon us, however, will the changes be sufficient enough to restore public confidence when attending these historic and magical sporting events?


As part of our interactive webinar series, Why Sports are proud to bring you the Investing In Major Sporting Events webinar. Another opportunity to listen to the leaders from across local government and the sport and leisure sector discuss progress, innovation and ideas that keep the nation active.  


This free to access webinar will take place on the 11th of June 2020 at 11:00 am. 

​As all of our webinars encourage interaction, you will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout and take part in our Q&A sessions.  Click here to register.




Yvonne Harrison. UA92
Martin Reeves. Coventry City Council

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