Why Webinar?


Access a global audience , interact with your attendees, answer questions directly 


Traffic and engagement analytics, who listened, what are their needs?

Value for Money

Round table discussion, invite guests,  Q&A session, training and online coaching


Hear from your listeners, understand their needs and how you can collaborate

Live Chat 

Engage your audience with many live chat options including group chat, private comments, highlighted comments,  announcements, and more.

Attendee Spotlight

Encourage live testimonials or an interactive discussion by bringing any attendee onto your virtual stage during your webinar.

Active Offers

Convert your webinars into fully-fledged, money-making events with visually-captivating live offer displays.

Drawing Board

Enhance your presentations by hand-writing notes directly on top of your slides or drawing diagrams to explain a concept.

Automated Recordings

Webinars can be recorded and shared using the latest tools and widgets

File Sharing

Effortlessly share files to download, such as a must-read PDF, with your attendees during your live webinar.

Email & SMS 

Schedule pre-and-post-webinar notifications, both via email and SMS text, so your registrants never miss what you have to say.

Polls & Surveys

Quiz your audience by creating engaging polls and surveys that let you know more about your attendees.



Chaired Sessions

A chaired presentation inviting both public sector to profile industry case studies


Public Private Partnerships

Industry and local partnerships share agendas and solutions


Industry partner

Showcase your journey, skills and solutions -provide your services to potential partners


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