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What are the memories that really make a difference to us?

There are seven million children aged five to 15 in England, and nearly four in five are not doing the recommended daily amount of exercise.

Research tells us that families, and in particular parents and caregivers, play a key role in shaping a child's attitudes and behaviours.

Working with families can provide inspiration and confidence to take part together, allowing for quality family time by ensuring their experiences are enjoyable.

Sport England insight informs us that there is a general shortage of provision for families to be active together. Activities are often designed for children to participate with one another, leaving adults on the sidelines.

The Parental Engagement Network are a shining example of the progress you can make across a community.

PEN has been working with schools and settings to engage parents and caregivers in their child's learning and development since 2011.

Through their membership they have helped hundreds of schools develop an approach that fosters communication and understanding resulting in raised attainment.

What does the project involve?

Help your families make the first steps to becoming more active together. Through this fantastic programme your school will get:

  • Full online training to share with your school

  • All the tools to run fun, inclusive family activity sessions.

  • 20 FREE activity packs EACH TERM for families to take home and use together.

  • Home learning activity sheets to encourage activity at home.

  • Support on how to engage parents and connect with your wider community.

How will Active Families benefit your school?

The benefits of Active Families goes beyond the school. By becoming an Active Families School, you will see longlasting positive effects within your whole school community:

  • You will improve the health and wellbeing of your families.

  • Improve Children's fitness levels and their readiness to learn.

  • Develop the skills of parent volunteers to support other families and the school.

  • Home learning activity sheets to encourage activity at home.

  • Increase parental engagement and support schools’ community cohesion.

  • Develop a long term sustainable model to enable families to get more active together in a fun and accessible way.

  • Enable families to develop positive networks andreduce isolation.

To learn more about the project, and to speak with the team, contact;

t: 0161 860 5039


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