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Together We've Got This is the Mantra of Her Spirit

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Her Spirit Sponsor the Physical Activity of Women and Girls Webinar

A holistic, inclusive organisation spearheaded by Holly Woodford and Mel Berry who share the belief that small daily steps will lead to long term lifestyle changes.

Regardless of your age, size or level of fitness Her Spirit coaches and community members will support and motivate you to achieve goals they never thought possible.

Her Spirit coaches are hand-picked for their excellence, expertise and most importantly inclusive ethos. Making long term changes to your health and well-being takes time, and the Her Spirit approach is successful because it helps you understand the ‘why’ and not just ‘what to do.

Expert coaches deliver several activities and provide resource either online or in person. These include, Diet, Monopause, Mental Health, Walking, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, Yoga, Flexibility, Core and you can even check in on their podcasts!


This is Alison's story.

How Her Spirit inspired me?

"I often put off doing things or joining groups as I was shy and paranoid I didn’t fit in and was just scared.

Age has helped but I still feel the fear. Her Spirit has provided me with the support, community and incredible actions and achievements of other women that inspire and motivate me to be better and keep me aiming for new challenges big or small.

I love listening to their inspirational podcasts and taking part in the live workouts at home. I have loved strength, body combat, yoga and even tried meditation. I am starting my fitness journey again and Her Spiriters have not only inspired me but I have found a group of women that want to help and I feel I can ask the advice of.

I have been inspired to want to try different things including open water swimming and now have the connections that I know I can ask to help me in the future. I have just started a 6-week running course within the app. Weekly drills and videos for all abilities. Hopefully, I can run stronger and further with less chance of injury by using the knowledge and experience that is given. Weekly challenges keep things fresh and fun.

Thank you to all the ladies behind Her Spirit for a truly inspiring, brilliant network for everyone to be able to enjoy. I am so happy to have found this great community!"

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