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The Physical Activity of Women and Girls Webinar

The next instalment of the Why Sports series of webinars will allow viewers to absorb information regarding pre and post-pandemic physical activity levels, gender balance, women’s health and ambitious and coordinated programmes of work that inspire people to move more.

We are joined by Sport England’s very own dream team, Lisa O’Keefe and Kate Dale. The architects of the This Girl Can Campaign. Hear about how women and girls activity has been affected by the pandemic, the warning signs and how the This Girl Can Campaign continues to break down barriers encouraging women and girls from all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability to move more.

Menopause is real yet there is a huge void in knowledge sharing and positive conversation. Why? In a world where we readily talk, debate and celebrate almost everything, it is time that we educate everyone on the mind and body altering experience that every woman goes through. Dr Uddin Ferhat and Kate Nicholson take time to explain what is menopause, how it affects day to day routines and the impact on and the importance of regular activity throughout midlife.

Women’s sport is gathering momentum. Although a visible increase in coverage and representation there remains a disparity in wages, media rights, business opportunities and seats in the boardroom. Women’s Sport Trust work hard to level the playing field and will share their journey, views and ongoing work as they seek to close the gap.

Speakers -

Lisa O'Keefe, Sport England

Kate Dale, Sport England

Holly Woodford, Her Spirit

Mel Berry, Her Spirit

Dr Ferhat Uddin, (MRCGP, DFRSH) Liberty Health Clinic

Kate Nicholson, Women In Sport

Laura Weston, Women's Sport Trust


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