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Swifty’s Top Balance Board Exercises For Everyone From Beginners to Pros

Balance boards have far reaching benefits when used for fitness.

The instability of the activity means that at any one time a whole range of muscles are working together rather than just one being targeted. Exercises that are simple on flat ground suddenly take on a new life when you’re on a board and put you to the test in a whole new way.

Swifty Fitness’ wooden balance boards give you the opportunity to put yourself to the test, both physically and mentally. It’s not a typical form of exercise a lot of us are used to though. So, we’ve broken down some of the best exercises you can do on your new board to feel the benefits, whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned boarder!

Balance Board Beginners – How Do I Get Started?

The thought of hopping on your new balance board may seem daunting at first. The best thing you can do your first time is take it slow. Even if you’re a seasoned balance boarder it’s best to take your time on your inaugural ride to get to grips with the weight and feel of your new board.

Start by a wall, in a door frame, or with a friend nearby that you can hold onto. With the cork roller under one end of the board put your dominant foot on the other end. Place your other foot on the end over the roller and shift your body weight over the roller, using your arms to balance. Adjust your body to get your centre of gravity over the roller and hold this position for as long as you can

Once stable try leaning both ways and rocking the board back and forth to get an even understanding of your balance and know which is your dominant leg, and which may need more focus.

For your first time this will likely be challenge enough. Once you’re confident at this and looking for some other ways to put your skills to the test you’re ready to tackle some of these.


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