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Updated: 5 days ago

Putting the customer at the heart of all strategies is, of course, an essential approach for all organisations involved in the management and delivery of increasing activity and improving health outcomes.

This webinar will provide practical guides and solutions that clearly articulate how you can create a high-quality research-based approach that allows you to understand the customers you are attempting to reach.

Long-held assumptions can often stop the sport and physical activity sector engaging with people outside of traditional strongholds. Creating problematic situations that hinder the appeal to new audiences, who are so critical to the success of national, local and sector-driven strategies.

Insight is only as good as the research that underpins it. This webinar is designed to help you better understand how you can carry out top-quality research that has a powerful organisational impact on pre-determined objectives.

Management of data and analytical software and technology has a huge role to play. You will learn how the leading software and innovative platforms are playing a key role across the sector.


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