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Nike is hiring 1000 fitness trainers as it pushes deeper into wellness

Nike is ramping up its plans to grow market share in the health and fitness and wellness market with the launch of a new initiative called Nike Well Collective, which it says will "deliver innovation, expertise, services and experiences across body, mind and life".

To drive this Collective, Nike will be onboarding more than 1,000 new fitness trainers 'from Los Angeles to Paris to Shanghai to Seoul', potentially putting it head-to-head collision course with organisations such as Les Mills, which recently inked a new global deal with Nike rival, Adidas.

"This worldwide and world-class network of trainers, coaches and experts will help advise and inspire Nike Well Collective, helping create holistic fitness content, programming and experiences across our entire ecosystem," said Nike's Amy Montagne.

The company will also be seeking to extend its sphere of influence by engaging with academics, researchers, scientists, medical professionals and academic authors across its holistic fitness pillars – movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest and connection, as well as areas such as reproductive health.

It has named Deepak Chopra, MD, the specialist in mindfulness and holistic wellness and founder of The Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global, as the first to come on board and social media posts indicate that Chopra has already started work mentoring Nike teams.

As part of the reorganisation, Nike Live retail outlets have been renamed Nike Well Collective stores. At the same time, @niketraining has become @nikewellcollective on Instagram, to bring existing operations in line with the new initiative.

"We're committed to being more than a global sports brand," said Montagne. "The Nike of today is a place for everyone to feel connected and included. It celebrates the joy of movement, the power of mindfulness and the benefits of considering the whole self.

“Nike Well Collective celebrates all bodies and all forms of movement. Because we know holistic fitness is more than just sport, it’s focusing on body, mind and life,” she said. “Our ultimate goal is to help more people move, feel good in their bodies and connect with what matters most – a life well lived.”

Nike says the Well Collective will support every aspect of wellness through its connected ecosystem, including retail, social media, the content on Nike apps, Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club. It will also work on the research front through Nike Sports Lab.

"Sports science and innovation is in Nike’s DNA," said Liz Weldon, VP, of global Nike women’s brand management and a certified integrative nutrition health coach. "In its Nike Sport Research Lab, Nike has world-class PhDs and researchers across mind and body sciences who work with elite and everyday athletes worldwide to create the future of the sport. This expertise will anchor Nike Well Collective with credible information and services for all aspects of holistic fitness, allowing more profound connections with consumers in more meaningful ways.

“We’re a sports company, but I also see us as a movement and wellness company — this means embracing and celebrating all forms of movement and all health journeys and being your authentic self,” said Weldon. “Nike Well Collective is the action behind those aims, giving the guidance and support needed for anyone to reach their personal wellness goals.

“We want to be a trusted support network where people know they’re getting access to the best guidance, innovation, experiences and community connection,” she said.



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