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New report explores Youth Social Prescribing in Wales

A new report from StreetGames Wales offers important new insight on the impact and effectiveness of youth social prescribing in Wales.

In March 2021, StreetGames was commissioned by Sport Wales to conduct a rapid review of youth social prescribing in Wales, with a focus on the links to sport and physical activity interventions.

The rapid review set out to provide Sport Wales with an increased understanding of the following;

1. Where youth social prescribing is happening across Wales? 2. Where and when youth social prescribing is working well, and why? 3. What the current barriers are. 4. What the current opportunities are. 5. Where sport and physical activity fits in.

The research indicates a positive attitude towards youth social prescribing, but also demonstrates that there are variations in levels of local connectivity between funded youth social prescribing, and other interventions that use similar models.


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