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Motiview - Helping people reach their physical potential.

Motiview helps people reach their physical potential. By using a combination of videos of streets and roads from all over the world and specially-adapted exercise bikes, the technology provides an innovative and stimulating outlet that motivates to exercise. It has also proven to be successful in improving the well-being of those with dementia.

A recent independent report found huge benefits to using Motiview. Highlights from the study include;

  • Just 1 in 400 people in care settings were classed as active!

  • 24% of participants moved from inactive to active, after just 3 months!

  • 20% cycled more than 30mins per week!

  • 14% increase in general health & wellbeing.

  • Statistically significant improvements in all measures, leading to increased quality of life.

  • The introduction of Motiview led to care home staff feeling more motivated and increased the staff work environment.

  • A fantastic return on investment, with at least a 35.5:1 ratio.

Click here to download the report in full.


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