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Managing Director of Jupiter Play and Leisure responds to Guardian article.

In July 2023, Why Sports posted an article from the Guardian Newspaper titled - England’s playgrounds crumble as council budgets fall.

The article underlined the decline in children's play opportunities due to falling budgets. Read the article here.

We reached out to our current activity and play partner, Jupiter Play and Leisure to understand their views.

See the response from Micheal Hoenigmann, Managing Director of Jupiter Play and Leisure.

Who are Jupiter Play and Leisure?

Jupiter Play and Leisure is an independent family business who have been creating award-winning play and sports areas for over 20 years. Their approach is unique. They choose to partner with a range of brands from all over the world that best represent innovation, quality, great design, sustainability and play value.

Michael Hoenigmann.

As an innovative designer of play equipment, it's disheartening to see the challenges faced by playgrounds across England. The declining budgets and lack of maintenance highlighted in this article are concerning not only for the physical state of these spaces but also for the impact on children's well-being and mental health. Playgrounds are essential for fostering creativity, physical activity, and social interaction among kids.

The innovative solutions mentioned, such as tapping into funding from housebuilders, offer a glimmer of hope. Collaborations between the public and private sectors can result in well-designed, captivating play spaces that truly engage children. It's heartening to see the success stories, like the playground at Paddington Rec, where community involvement and creative design came together to create an inviting environment.

However, there's a broader issue that needs addressing. Play should be considered a fundamental aspect of urban planning and child development. The current lack of protection for children's play spaces in the planning process is indeed concerning. I agree with the call for centralised funding and recognition of play's importance in shaping our communities.

As a designer, I believe that engaging children in the design process can lead to play areas that are not only functional but also resonate with their imaginations. Let's work towards a future where innovative design, adequate funding, and the well-being of our children go hand in hand, ensuring that every child has access to safe and inspiring places to play. #PlayMatters #InnovativePlaygrounds


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