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HealthSeeker Stories on The Collective

Why Sports is partnering with Guy Griffiths and The Collective to produce HealthSeeker Stories and conversations to encourage the health and fitness industries to share, collaborate and grow together.

Guy talks to guests about how the fitness industry is identifying, attracting and supporting new demographics, using the resources we already have (staff, knowledge, experience, and equipment) to help people understand their health better and change lifestyle behaviours to become healthier.

In the first episode, Guy explains the concept of HealthSeekers and tells the story of Heidi. She visited a leisure centre for a HealthCheck as she was feeling run down, and discovered her metabolic age was 12 years older than her chronological age.

She wasn’t prepared to exercise or eat differently, but through coaching

conversations, chose to improve her hydration. Roll forward one month, and by drinking more water (and cutting back on caffeinated drinks), she’d reduced her metabolic age by 2 years, eliminated her headaches, and was ready to become more active.

You can listen to this episode, and many more stories from Simon Wilkinson (Tanita), Alexa Passingham (huumans), Glenda Rivoallan (WeTalkWellbeing), Gary Sheppard (Parkwood Leisure), Pip Lawrence (Wellbeing People), Nish Desai (imin) and Dean Martin (Pavelka). Search HealthSeeker Stories on all podcast platforms or on YouTube.

Podcast link:

YouTube Link:

These conversations discuss how the fitness industry needs to switch focus from selling memberships, stop marketing to the already active and make use of our existing technology and fantastic staff to support HealthSeekers with their physical and mental health and to coach them through changing their behaviour for the better.

About Guy Griffiths

Guy Griffiths describes himself as a fitness industry revolution consultant. He is best known for his member retention work, helping clubs to get their members to stick around longer. While this adds thousands of pounds to clubs’ bottom lines, Guy’s ultimate goal is to help more people to be healthier and happier.

Guy also hosts the YourDreamGym podcast on The Collective and authored Stick Around (Strategies to Keep Your Gym Members Motivated).

About The Collective

The Collective is a community of fitness industry professionals. Their goal is to provide a platform to collaborate, share and grow, allowing members to connect with

  • fellow peers, creating a safe space where everyone can network and learn.


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