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Government increases accessibility to volunteering

Volunteering Futures Fund to make £7 million available for arts, culture, sports, civil society, youth and heritage sectors.

  • Funding to improve access to volunteering through more opportunities, improved training allocation and resourcing.

  • Minister for Civil Society marks fund as an ‘important step’ in ensuring equal access for all.

The Government has launched a £7 million fund with Arts Council England, Pears Foundation and NHS Charities Together to help people access more volunteering opportunities across a range of sectors including the arts and sport, Civil Society Minister Nigel Huddleston announced today.

The Volunteering Futures Fund, which includes almost £6 million directly from the Government, and £1.15 million contributed by Pears Foundation and NHS Charities Together, will provide opportunities to a diverse range of people, recognising that there are people across the country facing barriers to volunteering. The fund will have a strong focus on young people, those experiencing loneliness, those with disabilities and those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Organisations who run projects across the arts, heritage, museums, libraries, sport, civil society and youth sectors are encouraged to apply. These include nationwide projects to create placements for young people, in addition to more regional and local projects, such as those working with a particular football club to provide volunteering opportunities.

Arts Council England will be distributing £4.7 million of the fund provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), and have today launched their competition for Expressions of Interest, welcoming bids for £100,001 or above, for organisations to fund the training and support necessary to deliver high quality volunteering projects.

In addition to the £4.7 million of grants which ACE will administer, DCMS has awarded Pears Foundation and NHS Charities Together with £1.15 million. The two grant makers are also adding to the total themselves with a further £1.15 million, bringing the combined fund to £7 million.

Minister for Civil Society, Nigel Huddleston, commented:

"Making volunteering opportunities accessible to all is an important step towards levelling up this country. There are so many benefits to volunteering such as improving mental health, learning new skills and becoming part of a community. I urge organisations to apply for grants through Arts Council England, to develop and deliver high quality volunteering opportunities."

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