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GM Moving: Reducing Inactivity Across Greater Manchester

Greater ManchesterMoving is a comprehensive plan to reduce inactivity and increase participation in physical activity and sport across Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester was selected as one of 12 Local Delivery Pilots by Sport England in December 2017 following a competitive 12-month application process.

The Local Pilot work forms an important strand of the implementation of GM Moving and will test and explore what it takes to secure population-scale change in physical activity behaviour.

The work is focused on three key audiences:

Children and young people

Children and young people aged 5-18 in out-of-school settings.

People out of work

People out of work, and people in work but at risk of becoming workless.

People with long term conditions

People aged 40-60 with, or at risk of, long term conditions: specifically cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders.

“Greater Manchester’s ambition is always to be the best at whatever we do. Our aim is to put physical activity at the heart of our approach for everyone. An active life will become the norm, resulting in better physical and mental health and wellbeing, the strengthening of friendships, family and community relationships.” - Andy Burnham Chair of the GMCA and Mayor of Greater Manchester

The pilot has several elements within it, which includes:

1. Active Communities

All 10 of the Greater Manchester localities are involved in the pilot and have their own steering group and individual plans. Since July 2018, each of the localities within Greater Manchester has been utilising research and insight to create their initial 12-month plan, starting from April 2019.

2. Made to Move

Made to Move is a 15-step plan to transform Greater Manchester, outlining the need for a detailed walking and cycling infrastructure proposal. The cycling and walking network is just that: a vision of a fully joined-up cycling and walking network covering 1000 miles for Greater Manchester.

The pilot aims to ensure that this plan plays a pivotal role within the pilot, and utilises and embeds the new infrastructure within our communities.

3. Evaluation

Substance and Sheffield Hallam University have been appointed as our evaluation partner, with a strong focus on process evaluation and developing plausibility models for the work. They will work closely with the national evaluation partner IFF. Take a look at some of the learning to date on the GM Moving website.

4. Engagement

10GM play a pivotal role within the pilot, to ensure that voluntary sector organisations continue to support localities in engaging with their VCSE sector, their communities, and ensures relevant representation in decision making.

5. Workforce

Our workforces are a key area to develop, to ensure that this approach is implemented across all communities, sectors and organisations. We have developed several initial priority areas of focus within the pilot which include;

Whole systems workforce engagement: Starting with the healthcare sector, as this is the area with the most existing connections and identified opportunities.

Systems leadership: Working with the Local Pilot local leads, GM Active and the broader CVS to identify the support and training requirements, for those now working to influence and change the approach in the way physical activity and sport is designed and delivered in a place.

Community leadership: Delivering community-based leadership packages to create localised support networks for those wishing to move more.

6. Marketing

Research agency Britain Thinks has completed their insight research for the Pilot and GM Moving more broadly, which was used to inform our developing social marketing campaign ‘That Counts!’. A consortium of 4 creative agencies has been commissioned, and are currently working on, the design and execution of that campaign across GM and in the ten localities.

Local Delivery Pilots - Doing It Differently

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