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Future Fit Group acquires iCareiMove to expand its health and well-being operations

Fitness training company, Future Fit, has acquired iCareiMove, which provides health services to specialist populations.

The acquisition of iCareiMove – a specialist in delivering strength, balance and other support programmes to ageing populations – is part of Future Fit's plans to further expand its operations into the health and wellbeing sector.

According to Rob Johnson, CEO of Future Fit Group, the decision to buy iCareiMove stems from the "shared vision and commitment to improving the health of the nation".

"This strategic collaboration will allow Future Fit to drive positive transformations in health and well-being, focusing on our ageing society in work, in life and health," Johnson said.

"Through the provision and delivery of services, courses, programmes and business coaching and events, this exciting acquisition further solidifies Future Fit's position as a leading provider of innovative solutions.

"By joining forces, we will create even greater opportunities for individuals to thrive and cultivate a focus on health for the future.

"Together, we are poised to make a profound impact on the health and wellbeing landscape."

In addition to supporting the industry in its pivot to active well-being, the partnership will also focus on women’s health.

Helen Tite, director of iCareiMove, said: “Over a million women across the UK have left their job due to menopause symptoms, for example, and not enough is currently being done to support their health and wellbeing.

"Women often do not prioritise their health until things go wrong and we want to create a culture where health prevention and health education allow us to embrace the rest of our active lives.”


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