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From Basketball To Bowling: Most Common Mistakes Seen By Professional Athletes

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Professional athletes are, more often than not, treated like royalty by the world - just look at how much they get paid!

It seems that some of these athletes make so much money that they forget to whom they owe their success. They forget that they were once just like you and me, with a dream and a passion to succeed. But they went out there and did it because they weren’t afraid to fail. They didn’t care what anyone thought of them, because they knew that failure was not an option. Yet in this article, I’ll be discussing just that – what happens when athletes from a variety of different sports made big mistakes and how it affects their lives?

Are they bigger than the club?

The majority of pro athletes have been known to have a bigger ego than the club they play for, yet this is where things go wrong. These players think that just because they have made it to the big time, they are bigger than the teams and clubs who signed them in the first place.

They forget about where they started out and that unless they play for a team, they will never be recognised as a top player or athlete. The problem with the ego is that it’s one of the most important aspects of an athlete’s career, but it can also be their downfall. A big ego can make a player think that they are better than they are and cause them to lose focus on what matters most: winning games. There are many examples of this throughout the world in a variety of different sports:

David Beckham in the 2002/03 season in the premier league. Wanted to go out and make his name known outside of football and ruined relationships inside the club and especially with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Another example is Dennis Schröder, an NBA player and Greek international player who thought he was better than what clubs were willing to pay, in turn causing his career to go downhill and all clubs not wanting to pay him a big sum of money for his skills.


Professional athletes are human, and they can get injured just like the rest of us. Injuries can be caused by anything from a simple twist in your ankle to a serious knee injury that requires surgery. It's hard to imagine what the athlete would be feeling during those moments, but it's important to remember that in most cases their performance suffers when they play through pain. Injuries can also hinder the athlete’s performance, as they’ve got to learn how to accommodate their injury into their game. This might mean playing with a brace on their knee or ankle, which is not ideal for athletes who like to run and jump.

Athletes don't want to let their fans or teams down so put themselves through this pain and try to play to the best of their ability, in some sports adrenaline might also be the reason they carry on in a game. One of the most common sports this is seen in is rugby.

Bad behaviour.

Many professional athletes fall victim to the pitfalls of fame. They become so accustomed to being in the spotlight and having people fawn over them that they believe they can do whatever they want. Acting as if they are above the law or treating those around them poorly is not uncommon among famous sports stars who see themselves as too big to fail.

However, the truth is that these athletes are not above the law. They can still be arrested and charged with a crime if they break it. For example, if a football player is driving recklessly and causes an accident that injures or kills someone else, he will go to jail just like anyone else would. This is seen a lot in professional football players, for example, Harry Maguire fought a police officer and then attempted to bribe them to get away with it. All professional athletes should be self-aware enough to know they are looked up to by young children and to give off this impression that not caring about serious consequences can seriously cause

issues in young players.

It's not a secret that every individual who for whatever reason chooses a professional sport makes mistakes along the journey. But some of them are so common and simple to overlook that it’s hard to catch on until you’re in the same situation or even worse after finding out how much it cost someone else. Therefore, athletes need to learn from the mistakes of others and take steps to protect their assets.

Article was written by Holly Dodd -

I'm a creative freelance writer with a love of life and a passion for sharing my insights into some important issues in the world. When I'm not furiously typing, you'll find me in a quiet corner with a good book or playing with my puppies. I've always wanted to make writing my full-time job and I'm finally taking steps towards that dream.


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