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Empowering Health and Well-being: Transforming Public Sector Leisure Facilities for a Healthier Future

In an era where the imperative to prioritise our well-being is more pressing than ever, discussions surrounding the evolution of public sector leisure facilities have taken centre stage. 

On the 13th of March 2024, a pivotal webinar, "Empowering Health and Well-being through Leisure Facilities" gathered a consortium of experts and visionaries to delve into this vital subject. With a panel comprising distinguished speakers such as James Foley, Andy King, Mark Tweedie, and Kenny Butler, the webinar illuminated personal journeys, future visions and the urgent need for transformation within the leisure sector.

Download the presentation slides.

Enabling Change through Health and Wellbeing Facilities
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This webinar was sponsored by Alliance Leisure.

The webinar emphasised the critical alignment of these facilities with initiatives like the Major Conditions Strategy, illuminating the pivotal role they play in bolstering individual mental and physical health.

Speakers continued to offer profound insights into the evolving landscape of leisure facilities. The significance of innovation and technological integration to enhance user experiences and drive participation in health and fitness activities, resonates with the collective desire to safeguard our well-being as we age, thereby alleviating pressures on the NHS.

In conclusion, the webinar has shed light on the transformative potential of leisure facilities in fostering healthier communities. The contributions of James Foley, Andy King, Mark Tweedie, and Kenny Butler have provided invaluable insights and perspectives that will guide future endeavours in this critical area. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the speakers for their unwavering commitment to shaping a healthier future for the United Kingdom, resonating with our collective desire to safeguard our well-being and alleviate pressures on healthcare systems.



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