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Community Leisure UK actively improves health and well-being across communities

Community Leisure UK members actively contribute to improving the health and well-being of the communities they work with. Community Leisure UK actively promotes the health and well-being work of charitable trusts and supports its members through projects, guidance and collaboration with partners on their cultural work.

Almost £450 million of social value was created in the last 12 months by Charitable Trusts in England.

This staggering figure is part of a new report by Community Leisure UK, which is encouraging health professionals in England to Connect, Visit and Collaborate with their local Charitable Trust and help support the Government’s patients-first approach.

The Supporting Integrated Care Through Leisure and Culture Report also makes it clear that while social value figures are impressive, the power of Charitable Trusts lies within their person-centred approach to health and social care.

Leisure and Culture Trusts Health and Well-being Support to the NHS in Wales.

Charitable Trusts in Wales can play a pivotal role in reducing pressure on the NHS through rehabilitation, ‘prehabilitation’ and preventative services.

That’s the verdict in a new report jointly produced by the Welsh NHS Confederation and Community Leisure UK.

Both organisations are calling on health professionals and Leisure and Culture Trusts in Wales to connect and collaborate more moving forward.

How trusts’ sport and leisure activities improve communities’ well-being

Our members, charitable leisure and culture trusts, continually strive to offer a safe and welcoming space, with a range of activities and professional advice on hand.

As community anchors, regardless of their location or size, member trusts share a common goal of being accessible to everyone and providing opportunities to encourage everyone to be active and involved, whatever their circumstances.

Creating Healthier Communities Through Social Enterprises

Social enterprises within public leisure and culture must be recognised as significant partners in creating healthier communities; including them in our health systems is key.


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