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Collaborating with the health system to recognise the value of physical activity.

Sport England have published their plan for the implementation of the Uniting The Movement Strategy over the next 3 years.

The 2022 - 2025 plan details how we'll work towards the mission of transforming lives through sport and physical activity.

The health system has significant reach, connections and trust, but physical activity promotion can easily fall down the list amongst many other competing priorities.

That’s why over the past few years, we’ve been working to make the ‘health’ case for movement and collaborating with the health system to recognise the value physical activity can bring to addressing health challenges.

We’ve also been exploring opportunities to create a high-quality sport and physical activity experience for anyone who moves between any health system – be that advice, signposting or referral – into sport or physical activity, especially people living with health conditions.

"We’ll create connections between key parts of the movement across various sectors and organisations where there’s an alignment with our vision, enabling collaboration and diverse perspectives and connections to be maintained."

We want each person’s journey to be easy, personalised and supported, to help increase their likelihood of being active and improving their health or wellbeing. We’ve worked with partners in and around the health system to influence change in areas including:

  • Developing strategic alliances

  • Shaping and informing national guidance and policy to support our aims

  • Playing a role as a convenor

  • Responding to the evidence, resource or insight gaps

  • Pilots/proof of concept

  • Identifying and acting on ‘big’ blockers and enablers.

Looking forward, we’ll develop shared plans with the new Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, with support from NHS Horizons; we’ll build alliances with other stakeholders; and we’ll consider gaps in knowledge or resources and commission accordingly to build evidence, insight and tools which support the case for change.


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