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CIMSPA launches online training and education hub

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) has launched the Training Academy For Sport and Physical Activity, Progression by CIMSPA. 

This new, online platform has been created following consultation across the sector to help existing professionals, employers and those looking to enter the sector identify and access quality-assured training that supports career progression and local skills needs.

The Training Academy will signpost employers (with their specific needs in their specific geographical area), to a quality-assured training provider who can meet this need.

A variety of training pathways will be available, to allow flexibility of learning through a range of training and qualifications which will be delivered by leading training and education providers.

CIMSPA’s extensive work with employers at a local and regional level has identified a range of skills shortages which are impacting the engagement of key participation groups in sport and physical activity and hampering business growth. Participation in sport and physical activity plays a critical role in the health and wellbeing of communities and having the right skill set to support participation is vital.

The current education supply and demand is imbalanced in the sport and physical activity sector; some areas have an oversupply of training, whilst other areas are limited. Aligning to the Skills and Post-16 Education Act 2022, the Training Academy For Sport and Physical Activity Progression will help to ensure that local training provision is available to meet skills needs.

Natasha Eason, Associate Director at CIMSPA said: "We are delighted to introduce the Training Academy for Sport and Physical Activity. The Training Academy has been specifically designed to support those working in, and aspiring to work in, the sport and physical activity sector.

There are an overwhelming amount of education and training opportunities available to professionals looking to develop their skillset, so employers and individuals must be able to easily access relevant and quality-assured training to enhance their careers and support their clients.”

It has been created following requests from the sector for a one-stop-shop that enables professionals to access the very best quality training and development and advance their careers.

The Training Academy offers a range of learning, development and qualification opportunities available in locations across the country as well as online.

All of the courses available through the Training Academy are delivered by training providers that have achieved a 3-star Enhancing Quality Assurance status, our highest rating for training and education provision.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting in your career, you’ll find fantastic opportunities to build your skills and gain greater professional recognition.

Employers will be able to work with the Training Academy to help create bespoke provision and through the CIMSPA partner network, collaborate with other organisations that have similar training needs, reducing costs whilst ensuring access to the highest quality learning and development.

Panny Tsekouras, Head of Education at CIMSPA Training Provider Partner Power Academy, who is delivering provision within the Training Academy said: “The support we will get from the Training Academy is more awareness from genuine people and students who are interested in long-term success in the industry. We hope to utilise the Training Academy, as another opportunity to showcase how strong our service is and that’s why we have been approved to be part of something new and creative.”

Simeon Lewry, Contract Manager at CIMSPA Employer Partner Torbay Leisure Centre said: "The launch of Phase 1 of the Training Academy is a great step forward for the sector. We need to ensure that the next generation of sector professionals are trained and have clear career progression. The LSAB (Local Skills Accountability Board) has provided a brilliant platform to work with other local providers to ensure that our voice is heard, and we are having an impact.”

Looking forward, CIMSPA will continue to add quality-assured education and training courses to the Training Academy for Sport and Physical Activity, that supports the skills gaps in different geographical areas across the country.


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