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'Back To Normal' A Dangerous Narrative?

June 2021 will see us deliver our 3rd conference in partnership with WhySports. Our conferences have been a huge success, we delivered our first in London before the pandemic took everything and everyone online, back in November 2019.

We started a conversation about new approaches to volunteering, bringing ideas and action plans to organisations to reach more volunteers and make volunteering more accessible.

During the pandemic, we wanted to continue the conversation and brought together speakers across a variety of industry sectors to discuss how volunteering changed through the pandemic, how communities rallied, how organisations responded and how we all need to continue our work towards Diversity, Equality and Inclusion – we brought together ideas and demonstrated how communities want to work with those who not only understand and share their values and priorities but as a result, also respect their sense of identity, agency, and dignity. This brought about a feeling of shared power and a conference takeaway that

was actionable.

And that is what we want to continue to do - we want to inspire, we want to motivate and we want everyone who attends our conferences to feel empowered, to take away ideas and actions that are achievable within their organisations, lives and communities.

This year we are concentrating on the mental health of our colleagues, our communities and our nation. We are challenging the ‘back to normal’ narrative and talking about the negatives and the positives, what we have been through, what we are facing and what people are now willing and more importantly, able, to do.

I am so proud to deliver this conference with thought leaders and expert speakers including Paul Reddish from Volunteering Matters, Professor Martin Reeves from Coventry City Council, Maria Imran from Creative Youth Network and Mental Health UK, Kathryn King from Sported and Tony Jameson-Allen from the Positive PitStop Podcast.

Expect highs and lows, poetry, and some real take-away actions you can put into place in life and your organisations and communities. Join us on the 17th June from 9:30 am

See you then



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