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Active Partnerships National Organisation Launches New Strategy.

Active Partnership National Organisation Strategy 2023-2027

The Active Partnerships National Organisation is the national charity of the Active Partnerships Network – a collective of 43 locally-led, nonprofit, strategic organisations who, as valued system partners of Sport England with reach across every place in England, play a pivotal role in ‘Uniting the Movement’ to create conditions for an active nation.

Today we are pleased to launch our new strategy which reflects our belief that our collective is our greatest asset and a strong National Team needs to be embedded in the strength of the Active Partnership network.

We spent time exploring with the network and partners the role we can and could play to support the achievement of our vision. As a result, we’re clearer on where and how we add value and how that can be further strengthened.

The strategy outlines how as a membership organisation we exist to connect, strengthen and enable our network and beyond. We bring places, people, organisations, sectors, policies, ideas and tools together. Our work helps inform, influence and shape national, system and local place approaches which support physical activity, sport and ‘moving more’ as drivers for social change.

Dave Capper Chair of the National Board said: “Since becoming Chair in January 2023 the outcome has been truly fantastic to witness. Never before has the National Team had as much clarity of purpose, ambition and determination to ensure we play a key role in helping to connect, strengthen and enable the ability of not just all members of the Active Partnership network, but other system partners too, to deliver against Sport England’s “Uniting the Movement” strategy.

"The launch of this new strategic approach signifies two important things. Firstly, it demonstrates the confidence the Board has in the strength of the National Team and our ability to positively make a difference. Secondly, it is a statement of commitment to take ownership of this ambitious strategy at the Board level."

Andy Taylor, CEO, of Active Partnerships National Team said: “The development of this strategy reflects our belief that our collective is our greatest asset. We have spent time engaging with our network by talking, listening, observing, participating and challenging to understand best how we, as a National Team, are going to play our role in both supporting the Active Partnership network and the wider sector to tackle inequalities.

"We look forward to continuing to grow, amplify and celebrate the great work being done by the many to improve the lives of people through physical activity and sport."


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