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A Story of Change

Over 10,000 people got involved and many community organisations shared a positive experience during the first Burnley game in 2021.

Something is happening in Burnley, something big. All around you, the community is stirring and finding unity in the outdoors.

Burnley is part of Together an Active Future, and working with Sport England has provided the opportunity to work out what’s needed to help more people be more physically active throughout Pennine Lancashire. There are lots of challenges that make it harder to be more active. When people come together, take time and create the right environment, we can find solutions to these challenges. That’s what #OutdoorTown is all about.

This tells the story of Burnley having found its identity as an #OutdoorTown.

Through Burnley Together, we started when Burnley Leisure and Culture, Together an Active Future, the Canal & River Trust and Sport England brought Beat the Street to the town in 2021.

It was community-wide, empowered people to make changes to their lives and transformed the health and well-being of the whole community. Children, grandparents and everyone in between get involved and create a positive outdoor experience shared across the town. This

acted as a catalyst for culture change.

The Active Burnley Forum has been able to harness this and create unstoppable momentum. The partnership has grown exponentially as people and organisations clamour to get involved.

It has become a vibrant melting pot of ideas, with a can-do mentality. Every time we come together so much positive action happens.

We have created a ripple effect map that shows the sheer breadth and depth of the #OutdoorTown movement and how it is gathering pace. It shows the amazing community collaboration in areas of health, well-being, climate action and more.

It’s impossible to include everything, but we have spotlighted some of the amazing work that helps to tell the story.

As we enter the legacy phase of Beat the Street 2023 we are forming a 10-year #OutdoorTown vision, we are excited to see what happens next and thank you all for your ongoing dedication and commitment.

Read the full report below

Beat The Street
Download PDF • 16.25MB

See how it works! Beat The Street Merton.


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