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08:00 - 09:00 - Registration, refreshments, and networking 

Refreshments served in the Atrium

09:00 - Welcome to the conference 
Sridevi Kalidindi CBE, Conference Chair, National Clinical Leader, NHS England, Chair of Association of Mental Health Providers (confirmed)
  • Introduction to the Improving Health and Increasing Activity Conference 

09:15 - Connecting with Health & Well-being. Working together, learning together.
Tom Burton, Health and Wellbeing Policy Lead, Sport England (confirmed)
  • Revisiting ambitions set out in Uniting the Movement 

  • Active Lives Survey - A look at where we are now

  • Sharing current work and plans to support this agenda

  • Considering some markers of success

09:40 - Mental Wealth: the role of physical activity and sport.
Sridevi Kalidindi CBE, National Clinical Leader, NHS England, Chair of Association of Mental Health Providers (confirmed)
  • Learn why mental illness is on the rise

  • The role of physical activity and sport in prevention and treatment 

  • Consider what you can do to help tackle the issue 

10:00 -  How Can We Finally Get Our Health Message Across the Line? 
Mike Farrar, Chair of ukactive (confirmed)
  • The physical activity sector has struggled to get its message on improving health into mainstream NHS and LA thinking

  • The need to present both a tactical and strategic argument 

  • Developing a short-term and a longer-term impact on the nation's health

  • The challenges that face the sector if we were successful in attracting health and healthcare resources 

10:20 - Questions and Answers

Engage with the panel of experts

10:30 -11:00 - Coffee, Refreshments and Networking

Served in the Atrium

11:00 - Active Travel Social Prescribing- the next steps
Declan O'Regan, Cycling and Walking Project Advisor, Active Travel England (confirmed)
  • Introducing Active Travel England- the new executive agency

  • A refresher on the Active Travel Social Prescribing fund

  • Presenting the Pilots

  • Developing M&E

  • A spotlight on one of the pilots

11:20 - Headline Sponsor Presentation - The Case for a National Free Bike Movement 

Kerry McDonald,  LDP Senior Project Manager, Active Essex (confirmed)

Karen Creavin,  Chief Executive, The Active Wellbeing Society (confirmed)

Rajinder Singh, Let's Go Southall Head of Transformation, London Borough of Ealing (confirmed)

  • Research and delivery experience 

  • Cycle training for children and young people 

  • Cycling for all cultures and nationalities

  • Removing the cost of cycling 

  • 16,000 free bikes across deprived communities in the UK

11:40 - Case Study Presentation - Active Travel in the World of Development
Neil McAlpine, Director of Transport Planning, LUC (confirmed)
  • How do you educate developers and highway officers on the importance of active travel within developments?

  • The main driver behind active travel for developers—the carrot-and-stick approach.

  • Economic advantages of embedding active travel into development proposals.

  • Practical examples from two significant masterplans: one private sector-led and one public sector led

12:00 - Case Study Presentation - Are Current Procurement Practices Harming the Health and Well-being of Our Children
Michael Hoenigmann, Managing Director, Jupiter Play and Leisure (confirmed)
  • A brief introduction to Jupiter Play and our values.

  • A look at current procurement practices and their outcomes. 

  • The proven process - using the RIBA design stages.

  • Poole Park case study. 

  • Working in collaboration. The only way to innovate. 

  • How to show a return on investment.

12:30 - 13:15 - Workshop Presentation - Creating a Movement for Health: Enabling People with Health Conditions to be Active  (Guy Whittle Auditorium)
Michelle Roberts, Physical Activity & Health Programme Manager, Richmond Group of Charities (confirmed)
Neil Gibson, Senior Physical Activity Advisor, Diabetes UK​ (confirmed)
  • What we know about people with long-term health conditions getting active
  • Working together to create change
  • Diabetes UK case study
12:30 - 13:15 - Workshop Presentation - How the Active Practice Charter is Helping Primary Care Get Moving (Naim Dangoor Auditorium)
Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi, MBBS, BSc, MRCGP, RCGP Lifestyle and Physical Activity Champion, Royal College of General Practitioners (confirmed)
Dr Callum Leese, Co-Champion for Physical Activity and Lifestyle Medicine, Royal College of General Practitioners (confirmed)
  • Why we are here

  • Inspiring active practices

  • We need you

12:30 - 13:15 - Workshop Presentation - Workplace Health - How can we help people be healthier in the workplace? (Seminar Suite)
Dominic Holroyd, ProjectManager, Active Lancashire (confirmed)
Beth kay, Operations Manager, Active Lancashire (confirmed)
  • Our Workplace Health Journey in Lancashire

  • What we've learnt about engaging with businesses

  • Working with wider stakeholders - Integrated Care Systems, Local Authorities, VCFSE and project partners

  • Future development plans to make workplace health a priority in Lancashire

13:15 - 14:15 - Lunch, Refreshments, and Networking (Served in the Atrium)

Served in the Atrium

14:15 - 15:00 - Masterclass Presentation - How Leisure is Pivoting to Health to Support its Wider Communities (Guy Whittle Auditorium)
Andy King, CEO of GM Active and Your Trust (confirmed)
  • How are leisure providers adapting their approach to support the NHS and encourage more people to be active? 

  • Greater Manchester has spearheaded this approach and Andy will explain how their ‘pivot to active well-being’ project has progressed this agenda and what more will follow.

  • The scope will include workforce development; systems leadership; facility development; collaborative working and the need for robust evaluation. 

  • Andy will explain how the 12 leisure operators across GM work collaboratively with others in the system and how that resulted in the award-winning Prehab4cancer programme and what’s next…

14:15 - 15:00 - Masterclass Presentation - Harnessing Active Partnerships to Deliver Social Prescribing and Improve Health Outcomes  (Naim Dangoor)
Helen Smith,
Head of New Business and Account Management, Access Elemental Social Prescribing (confirmed)
Victoria Owens, Account Manager, Access Elemental Social Prescribing (confirmed)
  • What is Social Prescribing? 

  • Working with local partners (and the role of active/Leisure led partnerships) 

  • Putting it into practice- what does a real-life example look like? (Active Tameside) 

  • Prescribing to leisure, sport, and green spaces

  • Outcomes of embedding Leisure/activity into social prescribing pathways - The Data! 

14:15 - 15:00 - Masterclass Presentation / Panel Debate - We Can't Keep Doing the Same Things and Expect a Different Result! How volunteers hold the key to a sustainable revolution in how we deliver for our communities  (Seminar Suite)
Chris Martin, Director, Team Kinetic (confirmed)
Bryony Hudson,  Active Kindness Programme Manager Community Leisure UK 
Lee Malkin,  Sports Development Manager Everybody Health and Leisure Cheshire
Leila Bendrimia, Community, Sport and Health Manager, GLL
  • Why use volunteers

  • How to do it safely and cost-effectively

  • The ask

  • Easy-to-follow pathway

  • Safe onboarding

  • Reward and Recognition 

  • Social impact 

  • Impact on their business and building the business case for volunteers in leisure

15:00 - Why 20-Minute Neighbourhoods Are Good for Health
Gemma Hyde, Project and Policy Officer - Healthier Places, Town and Country Planning Association (confirmed)
  • What are 20-minute neighbourhoods or 15-minute cities?

  • Why is there so much interest in them?

  • Why could they be good for people's health? 

  • How can we make them happen in England?

15:20 - Resilience is in our Nature
Dom Higgins, Head of Health and Education, The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (confirmed)

Ian Braid M.Sc; MCIMSPA, Managing Director, DOCIA Sport (confirmed)
  • Our life support system - the critical need for biodiversity for healthy lives and tackling the climate crisis

  • Next-door-nature. The importance of nature on our doorsteps

  • A natural health service. What nature prescribing can do for our struggling health system.

15:40 Sport and Active Campus at the University of East London
Peter Owens BSc (Hons) MLD, CMLI, FRSA, Director, Colour UDL (confirmed)
James Kilden, the University of East London (confirmed)
  • Learning from the Loughborough experience 

  • Design codes to embed activity in the planning of new places

  • Developing the UEL Active Campus

16:10 - Questions and Answers

An opportunity to ask questions of our panel of experts.

16:40 - Conference Close 

Thank you for joining us today, see you again soon! 

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