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Creating Active Communities

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Welcome to the Why Sports Creating Active Communities series of webinars

Exchange the latest agendas and develop business relationships.

Whether rural, coastal or innercity our communities connect us. Transport systems, where we work, education, housing and green spaces seam together to provide us with places we live, learn and love.  


At this moment, our communities are more important than ever before. Our health, economy, employment and prosperity are now of the utmost importance. Why Sports are proud to bring you a series of Creating Active Communities webinars that will scrutinise the plans, processes and the delivery that will rebuild and breathe confidence across the towns and cities in the United Kingdom.


An opportunity to hear leaders from across the country discuss progress, innovation and the solutions that will activate places increase safety, health and wellbeing,  whilst keeping our illustrious peers responsible and accountable for delivery.

This is a chance to have your say, after all, these are your places, they need to work for you

Join us and take part! We sincerely hope that you find the information inspiring and useful. 

JUN 30 2020 
JUL 10 2020 
SEPT 23 2020 
NOV 19 2020 
Level The Playing Field  
Active collaboration across urban communities
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University Academy '92  
Re-Imagining Higher Education
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Building Back Better   
Re-imagining what an active community looks like across Greater Manchester
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Volunteering is For Life

Volunteering - the heartbeat of kindness and compassion

Business Continuity
Evaluation, vision, motivation, growth 
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