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Welcome to the Workforce Development Webinar

Registered charities, societies and community interest companies all play a pivotal role in delivering public sport, culture and leisure across the towns and cities in the United Kingdom. These organisations and their many partners in partnership with local government operate in excess of 3500 facilities employing 47,000 people in a range of different roles and positions. 

Like many other sectors and industries the leisure sector has been affected by the impact and the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. The combined turnover of the leisure sector exceeds £1.2bn per year and this is under threat with the increased sanctions imposed to protect the public from infection. But what does this mean for the longterm sustainability of the sector and those employed within it? 

Despite several financial interventions and support plans from central government there remains shortfalls that effect a number of key organisations. The longer the challenge continues the more organisations will need to employ tactics and dip into their reserves to remain solvent. Without continued financial support the workforce will be severely impacted. Currently 26% of the contracted workforce and 50% of the casual workforce is at risk. This is in addition to over 6,000 employees both contracted and casual that have recently been made redundant. There are currently 350 facilities at risk of permanent closure including 85 leisure centres and 25 swimming pools. 


As the sector recovers/reopens and learns to live with COVID-19 organisations will have to develop robust plans to ensure that recovery is sustainable and we work together to navigate this fragile period. The workforce will remain integral to any level of recovery. 

This webinar will look at;

  • The current levels of employment across the sector.

  • How the sector can recover, providing a pathway for existing and new employees.

  • Opportunities to re-train.

  • Apprenticeships and employment opportunities.


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