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Sport England begins period of 'significant flexibility' to support the physical activity sector.

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Sport England has initiated three months of "significant flexibility" as part of plans to offer targeted support to organisations struggling with the effects of COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

As well as helping funded organisations, the grassroots body said it would do "everything it can" to encourage people to stay active, wherever possible, as keeping fit is now "more important than ever".

In a statement, Sport England said that previously-agreed KPI's, targets and conditions within the funding agreements it had signed off "may no longer be relevant, appropriate or proportionate" given the drastically changed circumstances.

Instead, it is switching its focus on supporting the sector and encouraging people to stay active, not on asking organisations to report on previously agreed conditions.

It also said that organisations that have received public funding might want to use the money they received in a different way, or on different things, to respond to the current situation- or to keep their organisation going. In such cases, Sport England said the organisations should discuss with it the changes they'd like to make.

"We know this is a hugely difficult time for all our partners and we're continuing to talk to as many of you as possible to get a fuller picture about the impact coronavirus (COVID-19 - is having," Sport England said in the statement.

"As part of delivering on these priorities, today we want to offer some specific reassurances to any individual or organisation who receives funding, or any other type of support from us, for their work.

"Today we can confirm that, for an initial period of three months, we're introducing significant flexibility to reflect our current circumstances in how we manage that support.

"We know it may be difficult to deliver projects, programmes or events as planned - so if you receive funding from us for something specific, but it's no longer possible to deliver it, or you want, or need, to deliver it in a different form, speak to us about the changes you want to make and we can discuss funding in this new context."

To read the full statement from Sport England - click here


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