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Powering A Clean Energy Future

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

How Arsenal and Pivot Power teamed up to take an entire match off-grid.

2018 saw a world-first as Arsenal and Pivot Power, an innovative energy company developing battery storage projects throughout the UK, teamed up to install a 3MW batter at Emirates Stadium.

The battery, which is the largest at any sports ground in the UK, can store enough renewable energy to run Emirates Stadium for 90 minutes, the equivalent of powering 2,700 homes for two hours.

Powering A Clean Energy Future.

The project means that during periods of peak electricity demand, when prices are high, Arsenal can avoid consuming power from the grid, and rely on the battery instead. The rest of the time the battery helps to support more renewable energy on the electricity grid, by smoothing out peaks and troughs in supply.

Speaking when the project was announced, Arsenal Managing Director Vinai Venkatesham said; "This is a big step forward for us in being efficient with energy usage, and building on our work in reducing our carbon footprint as an organisation. We have been powered by green energy since 2017... and the battery storage system will support our efforts further."

Then Minister for the Department of Business, Energy and Industry Strategy, Claire Perry added; "This project scores the hat-trick of tackling peak prices and storing clean energy, with the goal of selling back the energy to the grid at peak times. A more flexible energy grid could save the UK billions and this kind of cutting-edge technology shows companies the potential of being part of the beautiful game of smarter energy systems."

Net Zero Infrastructure.

Arsenal has shown how football clubs and sporting venues can save money and support government plans to make the UK net-zero by 2050. Batteries are central to creating a cost-effective, low-carbon economy and Pivot Power is playing a leading role in helping government, local authorities and business to accelerate the UK's transition to a clean, electric future.

To deliver this vision Pivot Power is creating a 2GW network of batteries and high volume power connections to 40 locations UK-wide. This network will provide the essential electrical capacity for rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the UK. This will help t reduce EV range anxiety and support the government's new deadline for all new car sales to be zero emissions by 2035.

The first site to go live will be in Oxford, where Pivot Power is part of a government-backed project called Energy Superhu Oxford (ESO). ESO is a world-first which combines innovation in transport, heat and power to create a model for cities around the world to reduce carbon and improve air quality. The next sites to follow will be Coventry, Kent and Birmingham.

Pivot Power's Business Development Director, Edward Sargent will be speaking at the Why Sports Investing In Major Sporting Events 2020 conference to further explain how the approach used in Oxford can deliver a lasting low-carbon legacy from sporting events that build essential infrastructure to enable opportunities, attracts businesses, creates jobs and delivers a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.

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