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Norman Became 2018 World Champion!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Road Worlds For Seniors

The last days of the competition, Norman Côté cycled 200 kilometers each day to become world champion!

It was exciting in the pursuit for the title in the mens class. After three weeks of cycling, it turned out that the match should stand between four cyclists about the title.

When a couple of days remained of this year's "Road Worlds for Seniors", Norman Côté was in the third place. But then he really  put the turbo on. The team he rode for, Bruyère Village in Ottawa, also took the bronze medal in the team competition.

Cycled for 4.5 hours

Talk about dedicated athlete. One afternoon he sat and cycled for 4.5 hours in stretch. - Fortunately, I had great movies to watch, otherwise it had been terribly boring, the world champion said when he got the cup as the visible proof of his performance.

To the Canadian newspaper Le Driot, the 83-year-old tells that he threw himself into the competition - even though he had not cycled since childhood.

- It's never too late to start with anything. I started playing hockey when I was 50 years old and ran the marathon when I was 53, he told the newspaper.

Ran half marathon in May

In May, Norman ran his last half marathon. The time was impressive 3 hours and 30 minutes in the Ottawa Half Marathon. "To be honest, because of my back it's easier for me to run than to walk" says the world champion who has removed two vertebrae.

With a stamina that most people can envy, he added an extra gear and cycled 200 kilometres a day on the last competition days. - Well done Norman!

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