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Is Scooting Good Exercise? Adult scooters; An Outdoor Fitness Alternative to Running

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Greater Sport Manchester UK

Greater Sport is a charity which is passionate about changing the lives of people around Greater Manchester through both physical activity and sport. They wanted to purchase their fleet of scooters for staff to conveniently travel to meetings and appointments while also keeping active and fit.

“The Swifty Fleet is a fantastic addition to Greater Sport, and I’m so pleased that my staff use them all the time. As a charity working to inspire others to make room for 150 minutes of physical exercise per week, it’s best practice to lead by example. They are fun and easy to use and even our less sporty members of staff use them to get to meetings. I just love how accessible they are to all ages and abilities. They have really helped us to get active!”

Sara Tomkins, CEO of Greater Sport, Greater Manchester Sports Partnership.

Team GB, South Korea

A fleet of ten SwiftyAIR adult scooters was supplied to TeamGB during the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang. Team GB athletes used the scooters to navigate the Olympic Village, to rest their legs and as a positive distraction between competing. Big Air bronze medal winner Billy Morgan particularly enjoyed riding the scooters.

“They’re seriously fun and easy to ride. The last thing a snowboarder needs is any more stress on the joints. I like the low impact, but full-body movement of scooting. I don’t like gyms, so getting out on them was great fun while we were waiting around for our event days.”

Billy Morgan, professional snowboarder and Olympic medalist, TeamGB

Dirt Factory, Manchester

A fleet of 5 SwiftyAIR adult scooters was supplied to the Dirt Factory for their indoor bike park in Manchester. Making mountain-biking more accessible in busy city centres, customers can rent a SwiftyAIR and ride inside on the awesome dirt trails.

When describing the benefits of having a scooter fleet at the Dirt Factory, here’s what the owner had to say: Danny Makin, Owner, Dirt Factory Greater Manchester.

“It’s a different vehicle rather than just having bikes all the time, people love it. We get 80% mountain bikers and when they get on a scooter it’s something completely new and fast. In business terms it is a selling point for us, it’s easy to service and maintain and they look cool as well.”

To find out more visit - https://swiftyscooters.com


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