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Bradford Children are more active with new framework

A new way of getting children to move at school has started to see results in schools in Bradford.

The Bradford Institute for Health Research, Yorkshire Sport Foundation and The University of Bradford are pioneering the use of the novel Creating Active Schools Framework to support schools to take a more active approach to education.

The framework is unique as it was co-developed by 50 stakeholders who understand the many factors that are required to support schools to provide more physical activity for their pupils. It is widely acknowledged as being the first initiative that puts physical activity at the heart of school planning.

Thirteen schools in Bradford took part in a pilot study as part of the Sport England funded Join Us: Move Play (JU:MP) programme, to increase the amount of physical activity their pupils do during the day.

A report published recently shows that the Creating Active Schools Framework is having a powerful impact by supporting schools to embrace physical activity at the heart of their provision. Many of the schools involved in the pilot project have reported seeing increases in activity due to simple changes that teachers have made including changing the school rules or rewards they give children for good behaviour.

Dan Wilson, the JU:MP Schools lead said:

"Recent research shows that during the COVID-19 pandemic children have become far less active, so working with schools to help them understand how simple it can be to get their pupils to move more is more important now than ever before. The Creating Active Schools framework has started to show that small changes can have a big impact and we are excited to learn more about this during the rest of the project."

Dr Andy Daly-Smith, the JU:MP Research Director, added:

"The Creating Active Schools framework has supported schools to create systems change, beginning with the mission and vision of the school. As expected, headteachers have embraced the framework to support making changes in their school. This is a very exciting step-change for active schools provision within the UK."

The JU:MP project will shortly move to its second phase where a further thirty schools will undergo the Creating Active Schools training. In addition, the partnership are currently seeking funding to develop an online web resource to support schools across the country in creating impactful and sustainable change for physical activity.

Find out more at the Yorkshire Sport Foundation

information sourced at https://www.activepartnerships.org


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