Increasing Equality and Diversity In Sport and Physical Activity

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Increasing Equality and Diversity in Sport and Physical Activity 

On the 10th September 2020, Tim Hollingsworth CEO of Sport England laid out several initiatives and the long term vision for sport and activity across the UK, he said - 

"The changes we are making are focused on a few key areas. The first is about making sure that our own house is in order. That, as an organisation we can look ourselves in the mirror and say that we truly reflect the country we are seeking to serve. I can't do that today. 

We've reviewed our staff, our policies and procedures and the specific work we undertake to ensure each has a strong focus on equality, diversity and inclusion. We've set out a number of key commitments and changes including, I'm pleased to say, creating a senior level diversity and inclusion role, which we will advertise shortly. 

The second is about addressing the systemic failure in sport - long known but highlighted by recent media coverage - to create opportunities for members of the wider Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities to engage in leadership, coaching and administrative roles at every level."

  • Only 3% of board members of National Governing Bodies are black and 64% of funded National Governing Bodies have no BAME board members. 

  • Racism and racialised inequalities significantly influence black and minority ethnic communities through access, participation and experiences of sport. 

  • Black and minority ethnic community experiences of racism differ within and across ethnic groups. Intersections between gender, class, age and disability also influence experiences and participation in sport and activity. 

  • In light of the existence of racism in sport, it is unsurprising that many black and minority ethnic groups favour physical activity (PA) and health programmes that can be pursued away from the mainstream.

  • Race equality in sport and physical activity requires a critical approach that understands the nuances of tackling different experiences of racism in policy and practice. One size does not fit all. 

The lack of diversity at the top-level of sport impacts the average person and their ability to feel included and welcome within the sports and leisure sector. 40% of BAME participants in national surveys said that their experiences of local sport and leisure clubs had been a negative one in terms of the customer service received, compared to just 14% of white British people. 

Considering the points above and the ongoing challenges facing the country, this valuable webinar will share informed evidence from the leading organisations in sport and physical activity to asses the progress and the failures, of new and existing initiatives and wider programmes of work which can provide positive contributions towards the eradication of any form of racism, inequality and a lack of diversity. 

Webinar Start - Session 1
Opening Address - Welcome to the Webinar
Yvonne Harrison
A Governance Code that Increases Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
Tim Hollingsworth, CEO Sport England
BAME in the Boardroom
Arun Kang, CEO Sporting Equals
The Advancing Mental Health Equalities Strategy
Jacqui Dyer, CEO Mental Health Foundation
Opinion Leader and Education Supporter
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